"Sherlock" fans will not be seeing their favorite star as a superhero any time soon. That's because Benedict Cumberbatch seems to have dashed all hopes that he might play the lead role in Marvel Studios' anticipated Dr. Strange movie.
《神探夏洛克》的粉丝们近期内将不会看到他们喜欢的卷福出演超级英雄。因为Benedict Cumberbatch之前曾经被传将会出演漫威超级英雄电影《Dr. Strange》,不过在今年的圣地亚哥动漫展上,他亲口破灭了所有人的希望。

"I don't know if the Internet can manage my schedule and Marvel's, but if they can, good luck to the Internet," is all Cumberbatch had to say on the subject (according to USA Today) at Comic-Con 2014 when asked if he would play Stephen Strange in the film. This indicates that the busy actor -- who has the leading role in the upcoming "The Imitation Game" film and voices a wolf in "Penguins of Madagascar," in addition to his role on "Sherlock" -- just doesn't have time to fit in a tentpole movie for Marvel.
“我不知道网上大家的意见能否影响我和漫威的计划,不过如果可以...那他们还真是走运了,”Cumberbatch在2014圣地亚哥动漫展上被问到是否会出演Stephen Strange电影时是这样回答的。他也就是在暗示他很忙——他现在已经接下了电影《模仿游戏》的主角工作,为《马达加斯加》企鹅配音工作,同时身兼《神探夏洛克》主演工作——工作太多的他分身不暇,无法再去接一部漫威的台柱级超级英雄的电影了。

Cumberbatch does say that Dr. Strange is a "great character," but he would likely rather stick with Shakespeare -- the actor is starring in "Richard III" for television and "Hamlet" on-stage.
Cumberbatch说,Dr. Strange是个很棒的角色,不过他更想把自己的精力集中在莎士比亚的作品上——他将会出演电视版的《理查三世》,同时还有舞台剧《哈姆雷特》。