2. “Let It Go”
2. 《随它吧》

Yes, this song should technically be No. 1. Demi Lovato’s cover is fine, but she barely does justice to the impeccable vocals of Menzel, whose Tony-winning voice is bespoke for this lofty song (as the composers told EW). Part “Defying Gravity,” part “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” , Elsa’s big number is an incredible anthem of liberation, matched by the animators’ spectacular visuals when she shirks her responsibilities and builds a mesmerizing crystalline palace.

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1. “Fixer Upper”
1. 《改善目标》

Say whatever you want, but the trolls’ number is hands down the best song in the movie: in fact the jubilant group number that’s going to win over the adults in the crowd as well as the kids. I don’t know if it’s the random characters, the melody that harkens back to the great Disney classics, or the fabulously random gospel break at the end. I simply can’t stop listening to this song; there’s nothing to fix about it.