Jonah Hill returned to "Saturday Night Live" on Jan. 25 to host for the third time. But this time around the funnyman was feeling quite confident due to his Academy Award nomination for "The Wolf of Wall Street."

"Honestly, my whole life feels like a dream come true right now," he said in his opening monologue. "Between 'Moneyball' and 'Wolf of Wall Street' and getting nominated for my second Academy Award, I just couldn't be more grateful."

But his humility quickly subsided when audience members began asking questions about his "Wolf" co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. "I wasn't really opening up the floor for questions, but OK." he said.

As the questions continued, Hill became more annoyed and finally went off on how DiCaprio wasn't even supposed to be in the Scorsese film.

"I call up Marty Scorsese, I say, 'Marty its JH. I'm ready to get in the ring together.' He says, 'Finally,'" the 30-year-old actor recalled. "Then I say, 'Should we get DiCaprio on board?' And Marty says, 'I don't know if he can handle it. Sure he's a movie star and puts teenage girls in the seats. But we need a real actor like you.'"

That's when DiCaprio, 39 walked onto the set. "Hey buddy, I have a question," he asked. "What the hell are you doing, man?"

Hill attempted to make good with DiCaprio by "saying what a baller you were at acting."

But DiCaprio wasn't buying it and indicated that he'd been backstage the entire time and was in fact there to support Hill.

"Remember when we were on set and I'd great really nervous?" Hill then asked. "Can we do the thing that we did every time? The thing that made me feel safe."

Hill raised his arms up as DiCaprio stepped behind him and nuzzled his neck, reenacting the famous scene with Kate Winslet from 1997's Titanic.

"I'm flying, Jack," Hill exclaimed.

"Yes, Rose. You're flying," DiCaprio responded.