Monster In The Closet

Walker made his film debut in this 1986 slasher-comedy, which also starred veteran actors Howard Duff and John Carradine. In addition to Walker as the bespectacled “Professor” Bennett, the movie also starred a young, pigtailed Fergie, even before her Kids Incorporated days.
沃克于1986年首次出演的电影是一部恐怖喜剧,主演有霍华德达夫和约翰卡拉丁。沃克在影片中扮演一位戴眼镜的教授,名叫班尼特。当时,梳着辫子的女主唱菲姬也参与了影片的拍摄,这是她在拍 “Kids Incorporated” 之前就有的作品。


Walker reemerged as a Hollywood heartthrob and the object of Jennifer’s affection in this drama set within a wholesome black-and-white 1950s sitcom, not too long after his tenure on television ended.

Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues was Walker’s first foray into big screen quarterback stardom. The actor played Lance Harbor, the captain and star of the West Canaan Coyotes football team until he got injured, leaving room for Johnny Moxon to take over not only his spot on the team, but his position as the boyfriend of cheerleading captain Darcy Sears. 
在“校园蓝调”中,沃克第一次在影片中扮演主力四分卫的角色,人物名称是 Lance Harbor,他是西迦南高中小狼足球队的队长及明星。直到他受伤退出,不得不将队长一任交给了 Johnny Moxon,但不仅如此,他的啦啦队长女朋友 Darcy Sears 也被抢走了。

he’s All That

As Dean Sampson Jr., Walker continued to play a “meathead” as the guy who bet Zack Siler that he couldn’t turn Laney Boggs into prime prom queen material. Of course, Dean went on to ruin the bet and tried to take advantage of Laney in a motel room, but Walker remained in teenage girls’ good graces.
在此影片中沃克扮演 Dean Sampson Jr., 他呆头呆脑的,和 Zack Siler 打赌,说他不可能将 Laney Boggs 调教成舞会皇后一样的人物。当然,Dean 毁掉了这个赌约,并试图在一家汽车旅馆占 Laney 的便宜,但是沃克在少女的心中仍然是风度翩翩。

The Skulls

Walker returned to his horror roots nearly 15 years after his Monster in the Closet debut with this psychological thriller that centered on the conspiracy theories surrounding Yale’s Skull and Bones student society.

The Fast and the Furious

In 2001, Walker won the role that launched his career into leading-man status. He played undercover LAPD officer Brian O’Conner, who infiltrated the local street racing scene. It’s a role he’s taken on for more than a decade and fans are expected to see Walker as O’Conner one last time in Fast & Furious 7.
2001年,沃克奠定了他在电影事业中的主演地位。他在这部影片中出演一位洛杉矶警局的卧底警探 Brian, 驱车驰骋在当地的街道上。这个角色他已演了10年多,影迷们曾十分渴望能在“速度与激情7”中继续看到他的身影。

Joy Ride

Despite its name, Joy Ride had nothing to do with any Fast & Furious fare. After his freshman year of college, Lewis, his crush Venna, and his brother Fuller head home for summer break, but they take a detour when a prank involving a truck driver a goes awry.
虽然这部影片名字听上去与赛车有关,但是它和“速度与激情”毫无关系。影片讲述了一个大学新生 Lewis,和他的女友及哥哥回家过暑假,但因为某些恶作剧而选择了绕行。

Into the Blue

As the Fast & Furious films continued to roll out in theaters, Walker brought his high-speed acting skills to the Bahamas-set action movie, co-starring Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Tyson Beckford, and Josh Brolin.
就在“速度与激情”得到万众瞩目之时,沃克在另一部巴哈马群岛取景的电影中也展示了高速动作片的魅力,同时出演的有 Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Tyson Beckford, and Josh Brolin.

Flags of Our Fathers

The actor played Sgt. Hank Hansen of the United States Marine Corps, which was based on the book of the same name about the six men who raised the American flag at The Battle of Iwo Jima, a turning point in World War II.
沃克在影片中出演美国海军中士 Hank Hansen,影片由同名书籍改编,是关于六个在硫磺岛战役中护卫美国国旗的故事,这场战役同时也是二战的一个转折点。


One of his final films released before his death, this Hurricane Katrina-centric thriller starred Walker as Nolan, the father of a newborn girl facing a life-or-death situation inside a hospital in the midst of the devastating 2005 storm.
沃克生前拍摄的最后一部电影,是一部关于飓风卡特里娜的惊悚片,他在片中饰演一位新爸爸 Nolan,在2005年的毁灭性的风暴灾难中面临着生与死的抉择。