It's hard not to miss Angelina Jolie's extravagant $250,000 engagement ring from her fiance Brad Pitt. So it's even more obvious when the actress is seen not wearing the expensive jewel.

on Sunday night, the star was spotted without her bling as she arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda with British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Sunday night.

Instead she wore a more modest gold band on her wedding finger. While there is no news that the couple have in fact already tied the knot, it appears that Angelina had merely exchanged the jewellery for her official UN work duties.

According to USA Today, Angelina is in the African country acting as a representative for the UN's refugee agency.

Hague and the star are planning to meet with survivors of rape and sexual violence, which is frequent in the country. They will also speak to locals and UN groups who aid survivors. Discussions on solutions to the conflict with political leaders are also set to take place.