The magical ingredient of the franchise is its focus on family. This provides the stories’ rich emotional underpinnings, as well as much of their comedy and adventure. “‘Ice Age’ has always been about family,” says Lori Forte, who has produced the entire series and co-wrote the story for ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT.
冰川系列电影能成功的秘诀是能够引起广泛的共鸣、着重家庭的理念、让故事有强烈的感情支撑、另外还有冒险元素以及充满了笑点。“《冰川时代》的中心一直围绕着家庭,”萝莉佛特(Lori Forte)说道,她是该系列所有电影的制片,同时也是本片的共同编剧。

Co-screenwriter Jason Fuchs: “Each film explores what it really means to be a family. Is it just something you're born into? I think all our characters grapple with that question. And I think it's Diego who has sort of the essential line of the film when he’s asked, kind of dismissively, what's the difference between a pack and a family? Diego replies, ‘We have each other's backs.’ And that's what it means to be a family, and that's the heart of this movie and of this franchise.”
共同编剧杰森法区(Jason Fuchs)补充道,“每部电影都在探讨家庭的真正意义,它难道只是你出生的地方吗?我想每个角色都在与这个问题纠缠。迪亚哥点出了这个问题,这也是电影中很重要的一句对白,它有点轻蔑地问道,一伙人跟一家人有什么差别吗?迪亚哥后来自己说‘我们会彼此支持、照应。’这就是家人的真正意义,这也是本片以及整个系列电影的中心。”