Ashton Kutcher eerily channeled Steve Jobs Monday afternoon on the set of his new movie, jOBS, in which the 34-year-old actor plays the role of the late Apple wizard.

Looking appropriately scruffy, the Two and a Half Men star donned a number of ’70s-inspired looks on set. Among the many: a loose-fitting v-neck polo; a stained-filled pocket tee, which he paired with a hat; and a simple blue t-shirt and jeans. Though filming the movie is obviously already underway, it appears actors are still in the midst of being cast.

The photos of Ashton arrived only a day after it was reported that Matthew Modine has signed on to play former Apple CEO John Sculley, who kicked Jobs out of the company in 1983. Also starring in the film: Ahna O’Reily (The Help), who will play Jobs’ first girlfriend; and Josh Gad (Love and Other Drugs; Broadway’s The Book of Mormon), as Steve Wozniak.

jOBS is Kutcher’s first high-profile film since his wife of six years, Demi Moore, filed for divorce, amid rumors that Kutcher had cheated on her with multiple women.

He most recently signed on for a second season with the top-rated CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, after replacing Charlie Sheen, in 2011.



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