On the evening of April 14, 1912 a number of first-class passengers on the Titanic revelled in a privately hosted feast in the first-class á la carte restaurant. At the same time in the first-class dining saloon other first-class passengers - some who had paid the equivalent of $124,000 in today's dollars for the ocean voyage - settled in for a sumptuous, if over-filling, ten-course extravaganza. Meanwhile, in the second-class dining saloon, second-class passengers ate a less elaborate but beautifully served dinner. And third-class passengers ate simply prepared, hearty meals served in their own spartan dining saloon.

Several hours later, in the early morning of April 15th, the Titanic sank taking 1581 passengers and crew - many well fed and lubricated - to their untimely deaths.

What is the fascination with "last meals"? Last meals of executed criminals are usually reported in the media: "For his last meal he ordered fried chicken, a Caesar salad and apple pie á la mode." None of these meals would appeal to the gourmet but for some reason they hold our interest. 
为什么人们会痴迷于“最后的晚餐”?媒体常会报道一些临刑罪犯的最后一餐:“最后一餐他点了炸鸡、凯撒沙拉和淋了冰激淋的苹果派”。 其实这些菜单基本不会吸引美食家,但因为某些原因,我们还是会关注和感兴趣。

What sets the last meal on the Titanic apart? Is it that so many died, together, at one time, and that for the first-class passengers at least, their "last meals" were glorious feasts, brilliantly prepared and flawlessly served in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury - with death waiting in the wings? Or is it that the last meal provides a touchstone to the sinking that is accessible to each of us in gustatory terms we all understand? Or is it that the "last dinner" on the Titanic is simply a metaphor for seizing each moment as if it's the last.

There were only two menus recovered from the Titanic for the night of the 14th. One of these - the first-class menu - is reproduced below. 

The First-Class Menu As served in the first-class dining saloon of the R.M.S. Titanic on April 14, 1912

First Course: Hors D'Oeuvres, Oysters

Second Course: Consommé Olga, Cream of Barley

Third Course: Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce, Cucumbers

Fourth Course: Filet Mignons Lili, Saute of Chicken, Lyonnaise, Vegetable Marrow Farci

Fifth Course: Lamb, Mint Sauce, Roast Duckling, Apple Sauce, Sirloin of Beef,
Chateau Potatoes, Green Pea, Creamed Carrots, Boiled Rice, Parmentier & Boiled New Potatoes

Sixth Course: Punch Romaine

Seventh Course: Roast Squab & Cress

Eighth Course: Cold Asparagus Vinaigrette

Ninth Course: Pate de Foie Gras, Celery

Tenth Course: Waldorf Pudding, Peaches in Chartreuse Jelly, Chocolate & Vanilla Eclairs, French Ice Cream