Mistake One


When Rose (Kate Winslet) went to break Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) out of handcuffs, she decided to use an axe. If she missed -- which, obviously, she didn't -- she would have ended up cutting his hand off. However, if you look at the scene frame-by-frame, you can see that Rose actually did hit Jack, right on the wrist. Lucky for Leo, that thing wasn't real.
当Rose(Kate Winslet饰演)把Jack(Leonardo DiCaprio饰演)从手铐中解救出来时,她决定使用斧头。如果她失误了—显然,她没有—她将会把Jack的手砍掉。然而,如果你一幅画面一幅画面的观察,就可以发现Rose已经击到了Jack,正好是在手腕处。对Leo来说幸好那不是真的。

Mistake Two

Why, that capstan is not metal at all! Toward the end of the film, when the boat begins to split in half, an unnamed passenger grabs ahold of something that appears to be made out of foam. (See how it bends inward?)

Mistake Three

At first glance, this shot appears to be a normal panoramic view of the ship. However, if you look closely, you can see that one of the female passenger's hats is way smaller than its shadow would indicate.

Mistake Four

When the ship starts sinking, you can see a fixed object toward the front of the deck. However, in another frame, the piece has somehow disappeared.

Mistake Five

Which Leo hairstyle do you prefer? His just-got-out-of-bed messy look or the slick back? If you can't decide, don't feel bad: Apparently, James Cameron couldn't either when filming this steerage party scene.

Mistake Six

Let's return once again to the Leo handcuff scene. This time around, Jack's suspenders magically appear then disappear, despite the fact that his hands are still secured to the pipe.

Mistake Seven

No matter how much time a filmmaker spends in post-production, sometimes cameras will make their way into the shot. Like here, where one is seen reflecting off a glass door.

Mistake Eight

Nowhere in this famous "King of the World" scene did a construction worker step out next to Jack and Rose and make the gap between the bars close. Yet, it still ended up happening.

Mistake Nine

When Rose sets her sights on the ship for the first time, the mole on her face is on the left side. Later in the film, it has moved to the right.

Mistake Ten

Wow, this "jailbreak" scene is full of mistakes. Before Rose cuts Jack loose, she breaks through the glass to get the axe. However, a second later, most of the glass has reappeared.