First we learned that what was once Nero Fiddled is now To Rome with Love and soon after we’ve got a new title, we’ve got our first official images.

The film will be going by To Rome with Love not only in foreign territories, but worldwide since ‘many international territories preferred a more globally understood name.’

Nero Fiddled was a shortened version of the phrase ‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned’ referring to Nero, the Roman emperor, who has a reputation for playing the music while while his city burned around him.

Let’s go back to the Woody Allen’s upcoming comedy that will be broken into four separate vignettes telling the stories of a number of residents and tourists and the romances and adventures and predicaments they get into.

The stellar cast includes Allen himself, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Alison Pill, Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page.

Allen’s latest film is set to hit theaters on June 22nd, 2012 in limited release, but it will be in Italian theaters on April 20th.

沪江娱乐快讯:满脑子浪漫气息的文艺老头伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)的新作《尼禄弹琴》已正式更名为《爱在罗马》 (To Rome with Love),来看看最新的官方剧照!这部浪漫喜剧由伍迪·艾伦执导,片子将分成四个片段,讲述一群游客与当地人在罗马经历的浪漫冒险旅程,这其中也是窘境不断。本片的演员阵容可谓强大:伍迪·艾伦自己,艾力克·鲍德温,罗伯特·贝尼尼,佩内洛普·科鲁兹(Penelope Cruz),艾伦·佩吉(Ellen Page)等。这部影片将于2012年4月在意大利抢先上映。