FX has made its choice to portray a seemingly All-American woman of the '80s by casting "the it girl" of the '90s.

TV Line is reporting that Keri Russell has signed on to "The Americans," one of the most intriguing drama pilots currently on the docket for FX. Created and executive produced by Joe Weisberg ("Falling Skies") and Graham Yost ("Justified"), "The Americans" follows Russell's character, Elizabeth and her husband, Phillip, whose suburban life in Washington D.C. is merely a cover for their work for the KGB during the heart of the Cold War.

While the couple is outwardly loyal to Russia, their fake marriage is becoming increasingly real and Phillip is becoming more enamored with America's way of life than perhaps he should be. To complicate things further, the couple's children have no idea that their parents are spies.

Russell is best known for her iconic role as the lead character on "Felicity" during the heyday of The WB. More recently, Russell co-starred in the Fox sitcom, "Running Wilde;" which ran for only one season.

Gavin O’Connor ("Warrior") is directing the pilot episode of "The Americans" and it is expected to go into production later this year.

凯丽·拉塞尔(Keri Russell)将扮演卧底特工,其实她不是第一次饰演特工题材了,《碟中谍3》她就是阿汤哥的队员之一。只是这一次她效忠的不再是美利坚合众国,这位曾出演热门美剧《幸福》的女演员将在FX新剧《美国人》中扮演一个苏联克格勃间谍。


曾创作供职于CIA的乔·韦斯伯格(Joe Weisberg)将出任剧集的执行制片人,同时负责这一职务的还有《火线警探》的剧集运营人格雷厄姆·约斯特(Graham Yost)、梦工厂电视部联合主席贾斯汀·佛薇(Justin Falvey)和达里尔·弗兰科(Darryl Frank),剧集将由Fox电视工作室和FX制作部共同打造。

Keri Russell成名正是通过小荧幕的WB剧集《幸福》,她在之前还回归出演过喜剧《富贵与爱情》。当然离开电视圈的日子里她在大银幕颇有建树,除开篇提到的《碟3》,她还参演过中国观众非常熟悉的《八月迷情》和口碑不俗的《女招待》。而这个新剧开发季中《幸福》里的两位搭档斯考特·佛雷(Scott Foley)和斯科特·斯比德曼(Scott Speedman)也都参与到了新剧集的拍摄中,分别是FOX的《Goodwin Games》和ABC的《破釜沉舟》。