"Kids React to Movie Trailers" This Episode: Harry Potter
小孩如何看待电影预告片 这一集:哈利·波特

Oh, I know this. Dude, this is creeping me ou... Wait, was that Voldermort? Harry Potter! I 'm so sick of Harry Potter. Only one can live! Something I'm going to see. Let's finish the way we've started! Together! Together! "Only i can live forever!" No! Lies! Wow! Very dramatic! That was epic! Harry Potter makes me wanna talk with British accent. I wanna see that so bad. Ok, my fingers are stuck.
哦,我知道这个。这个有点恐... 刚才那是伏地魔?哈利·波特! 我真受不了哈利·波特! 只有一个能够幸存!我一定会看。“怎样开始就怎样结束这一切!” “我们一起!” “我们一起!” “只有我可以永生!” 不! 谎言!哇!非常的戏剧化! 好经典!哈利·波特 让我想说英国腔。我很想看这个。好吧,我的手指卡住了。

Question Time! So, what was that Morgan? That was Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Or should i say "Harry Potter". It was a "Harry Potter Deathly Hallows" Commercial. This is No.4? This is No.7 Part two. Does it make you wanna see the movie? Yea. Yes, it does. YES!!! Like badly? YES!!! Not at all. No x2. I'm not really allow to watch stuff like that. I'm a scarily cat when it comes all like freaky movies. So it's like a 50/50 on that one. 
提问时间!刚才那是什么摩根?那是哈利·波特 。哈利·波特。或者我该说“哈利·波特 ”(英国腔)。那是《哈利·波特之死亡圣器》的广告。这是第四集?这是第七集的第二部分。这个会让你想去看这部电影吗?会。是的,确实会。是的!!非常想?是的!!!不会。我还没被允许看这种电影。我非常害怕看恐怖电影。所以这种可能一半一半吧。

What part of it got you most excited? The whole thing. Let's finish the way we started! together! The epic scream of the Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter.How many times do you think you heard them screaming? 8 or 9. Why did they break up this last book into two different movie? They never done that before. I know! It sucks! doesn't it? One movie will be too long. They probably wanna make it special. And epic! Money! Maybe the next one. Cut it in half, more money, two times the money! Have you ever noticed. The 5th book is longer than the 7th book, they make it into one part. The 7th book is shorter they make it into two parts.
哪个部分让你最兴奋?全部。怎样开始就怎样结束这一切!我们一起!伏地魔和哈利·波特 的尖叫。你听到他们叫了多少次?8、9次。为什么把最后一本书拍成两部电影?以前从没有过。就是!这样很烂!不是吗?拍成一部会太长。也许他们想弄特别一点!弄成经典!也许下一部。切成两半,更多的钱,两倍的钱!你没发现吗? 第五本书比第七本要长,只拍成了一部电影!!第七本书短一些,他们却拍成了两部!!

So did you like the Harry Potter franchise? Yes. I need Harry Potter coz I love it. No. I hate Harry Potter. Never got into it. Yes, I do petty much. Like there is talking pictures like "what's going on around here?" You like that voice? I do! I love that voice! Do it again! "What's going on around here?" x2. You sound like parrot. Kinda of. What about it dont you like? I've seen some of it, it was not really pretty. Every single movie is the same! and nothing ever happend. i'm not gonna be a geek, I'm not spend rest of my days read books like that.
你喜欢哈利·波特 系列吗?是的。我需要哈利·波特 ,因为我超喜欢!不。我恨哈利·波特 !不感兴趣。是的,比较喜欢。里面有会说话的照片,那到底是怎么回事?!你喜欢我的声音?是的!我喜欢那个声音!再说一次!那到底是怎么回事?你听起来像个鹦鹉。是有点。你为什么不喜欢?我看过一些,不怎么漂亮。每部电影都一样!里面什么都没发生。我不会像个书呆子一样,整天读这样的书。

Have you read the books? I finished it. Yea, 1 through 5. No. No, I never read one. I just couldn't understand half the words. I understand big words. But there was a lot words i dont know that are from, like, England? 500 page books! 7 books! Do you know how much like energy that will take? Who's your fav character in Harry Potter? Harry. I like Dobby. But he died.  I like Hermione. Snape. Hermione. Lord Voldemort. Do you have a least fav character? Voldemort. Voldemort obviously. Gilderoy Lockhart. I'm gonna get so much hate for this. Ginny! Ron! I don't know, he just so weird. And who likes rats, those things are sick! Hermione Granger! EHH!? So smart!! EHH! So good!! EHH! So...Ron attracted!!
你有读过这些书吗?我读完了。是的,从一到五。没。没,一本也没读过。我有一半的字不认识。我认得一些。但有很多字我都不认识,好像是从英国来的?500页一本!共7本!你知道那得花掉多少精力?你最喜欢哈利·波特 里哪个角色?哈利。我喜欢"多比",但他死了。我喜欢赫敏。斯内普。赫敏。伏地魔。最不喜欢的角色呢?伏地魔。伏地魔,这还问。吉德罗·洛哈特。估计有很多人会恨我。金妮!罗恩!他太怪了。谁会喜欢老鼠?那些太恶心了。赫敏·格兰杰。啊!特别的聪明!!啊!特别的善良!!啊!特别的......爱罗恩。

Do you think the books or the movies better? Movies. Why? Coz I dont have to read. The books actually better, becoz you cant see everything in the movie. Well I like... Books are better becoz the movies dont have details. 
你认为是书好还是电影好?电影。为什么? 因为我不用读。书要好一些,因为电影里你看不到所以的东西。我比较喜欢...书更好,因为电影里没有细节。

And if you could go to school at Hogwarts what house would you be swore into? Hufflepuff sounds cool, sounds like a marsh mallow. I say either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Oh, the Gryffindor totally! She will be a Slytherin. I mean don't you think she'll be a Slytherin. Slytherin-in-in. Slytherin!!! I kinda wanna be in Ravenclaw. They just sit back and relax, they're not even part of the story. What about Cho Chang? She was in Ravenclaw. That's such a funny name though. Like Cho Chang. They might just have name her Sashimi Sushi. 
如果你可以去霍格沃兹做学生,你会进哪个学院?赫夫帕夫听起来很酷,像是棉花糖。不是赫夫帕夫,就是格兰芬多学院。哦!肯定是 格兰芬多学院!她会是斯莱特林学院的。你不认为她应该去斯莱特林学院吗?斯莱特林-林-林。斯莱特林!!!我比较想去拉文克劳学院。他们比较轻松,甚至都没什么故事情节。那个张秋呢?她不就是拉文克劳学院的吗?那个名字真的很搞笑,张秋。他们怎么不干脆叫她"生鱼片寿司"?

Do you like funny potter story like anything to do with your friends? Don't know I'm just always liked it. When i was in preschool i used to wear a Harry Potter glasses to school, my teacher will yell at me coz they weren't real glasses. And then I wanna a harry potter robe. I was just so into it when i was little, and then, She just killed it, ya'know she killed it! The Whomping Willow or whatever. When the tree were attack us, they will have to freeze. We will have like sprouts growing out of my arms, it was so cool!!! 
你和你的朋友一起有过和波特有关的搞笑故事吗?我一直都特别喜欢。学前班的时候我老想戴哈利·波特 的眼镜去学校,总被老师骂,因为那不是真的眼镜,后来我又想穿个哈利·波特 的长袍,小时候特别的着迷,结果...被她给抹杀,全被她抹杀了!那个打人柳,当树攻击我们时,他们就得定着不动,就像是我的手膀上会长出很多柳树枝,实在是太酷了!!!

Do you wish the magic was real?Yes!! x2 Yes! so I can turn her into frog! What would you do if you have magic? I would fly instead of being stuck in traffic. I'll be rich. I'll be the smartest person on earth. I have my own lap-top. A decent TV, i actually have a good TV, but a better one. I'll put spells on all the people like hate send they to like that huge tree like paws people into the ground. I make Benny & Rafi to nice princesses instead of camera man. And I'll marry you!  

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