Blue Dragon Film Award
Late Autumn
"xiexie, baba mama!"
Audience Choice Award for the Most Popular Movie
OK, since I'm still learning Korean, so I want to speak English. Thank you. Thank you. It's really exciting now. This is the first time I've been invited to Blue Dragon Film Award ceremony here. And also this is the first time I stand on this stage. It's a really nice stage. As a presenter for this award, I'd be honored. It's really honored, thank you. And. My movie Late Autumn was released in this year in Korea and at this moment I really want to say, thank everyone, include my friend, my family. At this moment, I have another special thank want to say to my parents. During shooting, my parents got sick. Both my parents got sick, but they didn't tell me anything until finish shooting in Seattle. And so I think I really understand their, their love. And if without their support, I cannot finish Late Autumn's shooting. So "xiexie, baba mama!" And I have to say "thank you" for every Korean audience and all of you here. Your strong support and encouragement is the best gift for me from the heaven. Thank you so much. And today, sorry, now, yeah, today what I'm going to present is, sorry, it's too long, the Audience Choice Award for the Most Popular Movie. So let's see the big screen.
嗯,我现在还在学习韩语,所以今天我用英语来表达我的感言。谢谢。 谢谢。这一刻实在是太激动人心了。这是我第一次受邀来参加“青龙电影节”的颁奖典礼。当然啦,这也是我第一次站在这个舞台上。这个舞台真的很棒。能够带为这个奖项颁奖,我真的感到很荣幸…… 真的非常荣幸,谢谢。 我的电影《晚秋》会在今年上映,此时此刻,我想说,谢谢你们,我的家人、朋友、等等。 借这个机会,我还想特别感谢一下我的父母。在电影拍摄的时候,我的爸爸妈妈生病了。但是他们没有告诉我,直到我在西雅图杀青之后,才得知这个消息。我真的佷感谢他们,也深深的感受到他们给予我的爱。如果没有他们的支持,我不可能完成《晚秋》的拍摄。所以,我要说“谢谢,爸爸妈妈!” 我还要对每一位韩国观众说一声“谢谢”。你们的鼓舞和支持是上天给我的最大的恩赐。真的非常感谢你们。 现在,我就要来揭晓“最受欢迎电影奖”的得主。 首先,让我们一起来看一下大屏幕。