Ellie from Disney Pixar’s Up

Back in 2009, famed animation companies Disney and Pixar teamed up to create yet another heart-warming film, the now-classic adventure story Up. For those of you who haven’t yet seen the movie, the introduction focuses on an endearing relationship between characters Carl and Ellie, who have been together since childhood. Ellie’s life-long dream is to travel to South America, described in the movie as a land full of mystery and adventure.

Below, We’ve created a series of real-life-wearable looks inspired by the character Ellie. And we listed are some key elements, whether you’re planning a trip to a far away place or just to class.

About Ellie

About Ellie 关于艾莉

Ellie is a very optimistic and upbeat character, so she is seen wearing bright colors and playful patterns throughout her scenes.

Ellie’s dream is to travel to South America. In the meantime, she works at a zoo with exotic animals likely to be found in the Amazon jungles.

Ellie can be very girly and feminine while still remaining true to her adventurous side.

Now that you have a brief description Ellie’s personality, scroll down for a series of outfits that channel those key elements of her character.

Outfit 1

Outfit 1.

This outfit is a wink at Ellie’s uniform at the zoo. Try an army green dress paired with riding boots. Switch out the tie belt with a leather one for a look that’s more Ellie-inspired. A jewel-tone scarf and playful parrot earrings help to finish the outfit.

Outfit 2

Outfit 2.

Showing off her more girly side, Ellie dons a series of sundresses when she’s not at work. Snag her adorable look, sunshine yellow dress would be perfect for a picnic. Wear it with Mary-Jane wedges for a vintage appeal. Add a cute camera charm necklace and cherry stud earrings before heading to the park!

Outfit 3

Outfit 3.

For her more relaxed look, Ellie wears colorful pants and vibrant print tops. To update this look, try a pair of bright pants with a cute floral crop top. Add black TOMS to keep it comfy and simple, and accessorize with floral earrings and a cute headband. This outfit would be great for spending the day reading about far away places!