The Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories That Could Be True Part 1


There’s nothing like a batch of Harry Potter fan theories straight out of the piping hot cauldron of the internet to make the day seem brighter. The Potter books and films are seemingly made for fan theories, with new ones popping up daily. Rowling’s (or should we call her Rita?) vibrant world is dissected all the time despite the fact that the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was published in 1997. Even Rowling enjoys Harry Potter universe theories. She particularly likes the one about Dumbledore being Death in the Deathly Hallows story of the Peverell brothers. She said, “It fits.”


But does the fan theory that Ginny slipped Harry a magical love roofie fit? Because for the longest time, it seemed like she was the only one carrying a torch, and Harry couldn’t have cared less. How about this one: Dumbledore is actually Ron? And George Weasley is Willy Wonka? Yep, there are some pretty wild, yet fun, Harry Potter theories out there.


Which Harry Potter fan theory makes the most sense? Point your wand at the ones you think are most likely to be true.


1. Neville Longbottom Uses The Wrong Wand


Because he chose his father's wand, Neville didn’t let the wand choose him. This explains the constant misfires, but it worked well enough because it was his dad’s. When Neville’s wand is broken at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, he gets a new one at Ollivander’s. This time, the wand chose him and helped him become the leader of Dumbledore’s Army in his seventh year.


2. Trelawney Was Right About Harry’s Birth Date


Even though Harry was born in July, Trelawney tells Harry he was born in midwinter.


That’s because a part of Voldemort’s soul was inside Harry, and Tom Riddle was born on December 31, smack in the middle of the winter season.


3. Voldemort, Harry, And Snape Are The Three Brothers And Dumbledore Is Death


This fan theory states that the three characters are the three brothers from the "Tale of Three Brothers" story in Deathly Hallows and that Dumbledore is Death. The story goes that the brothers meet Death on the road. Death offers them their deepest desires in exchange for their souls. The first wishes for a powerful weapon and is given the Elder Wand. The second asks Death to bring back his wife and receives the Resurrection Stone. The third brother cleverly asks for a way to hide from Death and is given the Cloak of Invisibility. Voldemort dies for power, Severus dies for love, and Harry speaks to his old friend, Dumbledore/Death, in the afterlife. 


Rowling loves the Dumbledore theory, tweeting, “Dumbledore as death. It's a beautiful theory and it fits.” 


Further, Dumbledore represents all three brothers. When he was young, he sought power. He lost his sister and might have longed to see her again. And he wasn’t afraid to die, greeting it “like an old friend.”