Why do people go out to eat at restaurants alone? If you do, do you feel uncomfortable?


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Interesting question, I have traveled extensively for business and frequently have found myself needing to dine alone. I do find it somewhat uncomfortable to occupy a table alone at a “nice” restaurant, partly because I feel a bit awkward sitting there with nothing to do before the food arrives. I also know that, many times, margins are thin for restaurateurs, and a solo table means an empty seat that isn’t making them money. For those reasons, I’ve long appreciated fine dining restaurants which have a counter where one may dine without needlessly occupying a whole table, and without feeling conspicuous.

In more casual restaurants, I have no discomfort at dining solo, and will usually bring a newspaper, book, a magazine, or my iPad, to occupy myself in the absence of a dining partner. But in the fancier places it feels a little rude to read at the table.

Lastly, I am less uncomfortable dining alone in restaurants located in hotels. Solo diners (often business travelers, like me) are common there, as are people who want or need to read or do work while eating.


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I love eating out alone ‘sometimes’ due to the following reasons

I don't have someone to fund the bill. If it's my sister, then why not ?

I don't want to get into the complexity of choosing between veg and non veg.

I don't have a friend who is equally hungry and wants to go out.

I don't want to get into the chaos and confusion of choosing a food item liked by everyone.

I am so hungry that I just want to avoid any gossip. It's a dedicated relationship between the food and me.

I don't like the complexity of sharing food and bill.

Avoiding the chaos, I just want to spend sometime with myself.

I can eat with hands, legs, spoon, fork and no matter how I want.


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There are many pleasures that life provides. For me, eating alone is one of them.

There is nothing like walking into a restaurant, perusing a menu at your own pace, and keeping yourself company the entire time. Usually when I go out to eat with a group I select a “safety meal,” which I will order if everyone else is ready to order and I can't find anything better, but when I'm alone I look at my own place.

Waiting for the food is a joy, too. With modern day technology I can read on Quora or play games on my phone and not have to worry about being rude. Or if that's not particularly enticing, then sitting and thinking is wonderful.

Then when the food arrives, you don't have to worry about what pace to eat at or if you'll have to share some of your food with others. And you can still do the Quora reading, too! No small talk, no worries about being impolite. Also, you don't have to smile at people who talk with their mouth full.

While it is fun going to a restaurant with good company, sometimes the thing that is most fulfilling is to eat alone.