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Any ‘love guru’ would tell you that the best way to win over your girl is to keep surprising her. The moment you see those widened eyes full of joy, you know only good things are in store for you. The surprises, however, do not have to be lavish or extravagant. As goes the cliché, it’s the little things that count. So, read on to know 9 ways to surprise her:
任何“恋爱大师” 都会告诉你:想赢得心爱的女孩的芳心,最好的方式就是不断给她惊喜。当你看到她充满喜悦而张大的眼睛,你就会知道有好事儿要发生在你身上啦。然而惊喜其实并不需要多夸张和奢侈,用一句老话来说,小事见人心。下面就看看能给她惊喜九个方法吧。

1. Bang! Show-up at her Workplace

That’s a surprise as good as any. The hectic proceedings of the day have started to get to her, and you landing out of nowhere will definitely cheer her up. Take her to lunch or go for a long drive.

prem patra

2. A Love Letter

Well, in this SMS age, a love letter will work in a way it didn’t even in the movies of the 50s. And you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to pen down your feelings. Love letters heighten romance like nothing else does.

I love you

3. Trin Trin, I Love You

This counts among the most workable ways when it comes to catching her off-guard, however, if done monotonously and saying ‘I love you’ in those routine ceremonies you exchange every day, the best it would do is not induce a yawn in her.

a song

4. Dedicate a Song to Her on Radio

Again, this is something that seems too outdated to do, and probably that is why it would work. If the song happens to be one of her favourites that she hasn’t heard in a long time, it might just become your love song.

go shopping

5. Go Shopping

This should be a no-brainer. The word shopping hasbewitching effects on women, to say the least. And unlike other days when you make faces hearing this word, actually sounding enthusiastic about it would sure cause some pleasant amazement.


6. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

What better start to her day than you cooking her breakfast and bringing it to her in bed. Some flowers accompanying the food tray will further the pleasant quotient in the surprise a few notches higher.


7. Compliments

Yes, they do come as a surprise when she is not so used to them coming from you often. All it has to be is one line. A simple ‘I wish I’d met you sooner’ or ‘Do you know how much I love your smile?’ would go a long way in gladdening her heart. So just let the words out.
是的,如果她并没有习惯经常从你那里听到溢美之词,那给她点惊喜吧。不过也别太过了。一句简单的“我希望快点看到你”或是“你知道我有多爱你的笑容么” 就足以打动她的芳心,赶快说出口吧。


8. Nostalgia

This works with anybody and everybody. Sit with her and recall the day when you had gone on your first date, celebrated your first Valentine’s Day and had to lie to someone to meet each other.

marry me

9. Will You Marry Me?

This is for the ones who are still waiting to pop the question. Elation is what you are going to see on her face as soon as you utter these magical four words. Keeping the romance alive is not so difficult when you keep the excitement on in a relationship. The element of surprise is essential to keep the flame lit always!