1.Acorn n. 橡实,橡子
Two Acorns  If you want to understand adversity, take two identical acorns from the same oak tree and plant them in two different locations. Plant the first in the middle of a dense forest, and the other on a hill by itself. Here’s what will happen. The oak standing on a hillside is exposed to every storm and gale. As a result its roots plunge deep into the earth and spread in every direction, even wrapping themselves around giant boulders. At times it may seem the tree isn’t growing fast enough—but the growth is happening underground. It’s as if the roots know they must ported the tree from the threatening elements. What about the acorn planted in the forest? It becomes a weak, frail sapling having to compete with giant oaks for nutrients and space. And since it is protected by its neighbors, the little oak doesn’t sense the need to spread its roots for support. Don’t be afraid of adversity! Welcome it! That’s your surefire route to ultimate success.
两棵橡树 如果你想理解什么是逆境,就去拿两颗从同一棵树上摘下来年龄相同的橡树果,并且把它们种到不同的地方。第一颗种在浓密的树林当中,而另外一颗则单独种在一座山上。 事情的结果便是这样。那颗长在山上的橡树经历了大风大雨,结果它的根深深地扎进了泥土中间,并不断向四周扩张,甚至把自己置身于巨大的石块当中。有时它可能看起来长的不是很快,但这时它却在地下悄悄生长着,好像它的根知道自己必须快速生长来保护树木免受自然危害的影响。 而种在树丛中的橡树果是什么样子的呢?它变成了一棵虚弱的小树苗。因为有周围树丛的保护,所以这棵小树苗便不知道要把自己的根扎得更深。 不要害怕困难!要欢迎它!困难是你最终成功的必经之路。