counselor 顾问
euthanasia 安乐死
lethargic 昏睡的, 瞌睡的
tumor n. 瘤
I worked at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a counselor in the Changes Program. We help people deal with the experience of losing a pet, whether through illness, accident or euthanasia. One time, I had a client named Bonnie, a woman in her mid-fifties. Bonnie had driven an hour and a half to see if the doctors at the hospital could do anything to help her fourteen-year-old black standard poodle, Cassandra, affectionately called Cassie. The dog had been lethargic for a week or so and seemed to be confused at times. She had been told earlier that morning by neurologist Dr. Jane Bush that Cassie had a brain tumor that could take Cassie’s life at any time.