negotiating n. 谈判
hostage n. 人质
back and forth 来回地,反复地
Algeria n. 阿尔及利亚(非洲西北部滨邻地中海的国家)
Back in 1980,I was negotiating for the release of the 52 Americans held hostage in Iran. The Iranians refused to meet with me face to face,insisting instead that we send messages back and forth through the government of Algeria. Although I had never before worked with the Algerian foreign minister,I had to rely on him to receive and transmit, with absolute accuracy,both the words and nuances of my messages. With his indispensable help,all 52 Americans came home safely. As technology shrinks our world,the need increases for cooperative action among nations. In 2003,doctors in five nations were quickly mobilized to identify the SARS virus,an action that saved thousands of lives. The threat of international terrorism has shown itself to be a similar problem; one requiring coordinated action by police and intelligence forces across the world. We must recognize that our fates are not ours alone to control. In my own life,I've put great stock in personal responsibility. But,as the years have passed,I've also come to believe that there are moments when one must rely upon the good faith and judgment of others. So,while each of us faces--at one time or another--the prospect of driving alone down a dark road, what we must learn with experience is that the approaching light may not be a threat,but a shared moment of trust.