What close calls.
Now I could go on in this personal basis,but the point is I've just reached the 30 mark. Many of these experiences would be denied in the past age. I've found that the beliefs I've discovered in the 20- to 30-year period can be the ground floor of my philosophy,and that these early years can be a fruitful basis for a mature life for everyone. I remember in particular two young men named Jefferson and Hamilton,whose thoughts are deeply embedded in this country's philosophy. I like people because they are the key to the great human values:love,charity,friendship,sacrifice,and brotherhood. Some of my closest friends are people whom I was at first hesitant to meet. What close calls. I feel sorry for those poor souls who must go through life not knowing their neighbors,not participating in groups or being active in causes,and when I meet persons who are not interested in people who are different—and of course,that's everyone. Then I rededicate myself to this thing called society—a continuous living drama equal to anything Hollywood ever produced. I believe the more people you understand,the more you understand God.
现在,我可以利用我的丰富的人生经历,但是我刚刚跨过30岁的门槛,以前的很多经历在过去来说都是没有好处的。我也终于发现,人的一生当中20到30岁这段时间,是整个人生的奠基石,是拥有一个丰富的完好的人生的保证。我深深地记得,Jefferson和Hamilton这两个年轻人,他们的思想就牢牢地嵌入了这个国家的哲学。 我喜欢接触他人,因为他们是我了解人性价值的关键:爱,慈善,友谊,牺牲和兄弟情谊。我的朋友有一部分,在最开始的时候,我不不是很愿意去接触的。这都是一种侥幸。对于那些一辈子都不知道自己邻居是谁,从来不参加社团活动,在课堂上从来不积极,从来没试着去了解与自己想法不一致的人,我真的感到很难过。所以我要把自己贡献给这个所谓的社会,这部绝不亚于任何好莱坞大片的人生剧。我坚信,你了解的人越多,你与上帝的距离就越短。