creep v. 爬,蔓延
An October Sunrise I was up the next morning before the October sunrise,and away through the wild and the woodland. The rising of the sun was noble in the cold and warmth of it peeping down the spread of light,he raised his shoulder heavily over the edge of grey mountain and wavering length of upland. Beneath his gaze the dew-fogs dipped,and crept to crept to the hollow places;then stole away in line and column,holding skirts,and clinging subtly at the sheltering corners where rock hung over grassland,while the brave lines of the hills came forth,one beyond other gliding. The woods arose in folds,like drapery of awakened mountains,stately with a depth of awe,and memory of the tempests. Autumn's mellow hand was upon them,as they owned already,touched with gold and red and olive,and their joy towards the sun was less to a bridegroom than a father.
第二天凌晨,在十月的太阳升起之前,我已经起身并穿过了旷野和丛林。十月的清晨乍寒还暖,日出的景象非常壮观。透过一片晨曦,朝日从朦胧的山冈和起伏连绵的高地过际,沉重地抬起肩头。在它的逼视下,蒙蒙的雾气向下沉降,落到洼地里去,接着一丝丝一缕缕地悄悄飘散,而在草地之上悬岩之下的那些隐秘角落里,雾气却还不愿散去,同时群山的雄姿接二连三地显现出来。 森林也层层叠叠地显现,宛若刚刚苏醒的山峦的斗篷,端庄威严,并带着狂风暴雨的回忆。秋天成熟的手已经在抚摸这些山林,因为它们的颜色已经改变,染上了金黄,丹红和橄榄绿。它们对朝日所怀的一片喜悦,像是要奉献给一个新郎,更像是要奉献给一位父亲。