1.gladsome adj. 高兴的,快乐的,愉快的
Yet before the floating impress of the woods could clear it self,suddenly the gladsome light leaped over hill and valley,casting amber,blue,and purple,and a tint of rich red rose;according to the scene they lit on,and the curtain flung around;yet all alike dispelling fear and the cloven hoof of darkness,all on the wings of hope advancing,and proclaiming,"God is here!" then life and joy sprang reassured from every crouching hollow;every flower,and bud and bird had a fluttering sense of them;and all the flashing of God's gaze merged into soft beneficence. So,perhaps,shall break upon us that eternal morning,when crag and chasm shall be no more,neither hill and valley,nor great unvintaged ocean;but all things shall arise,and shine in the light of the Father's countenance,because itself is risen.
然而,在树林那流动的景色逝去之前,欢悦的晨光突然跃出了峰峦和山谷,光线所及,把照到的地方和周围的森林分别染成青色,紫色,琥珀色和富丽的红玫瑰色。光线照到哪里,那里就如同一幅幕布被掀开。而所有的一切都同样在驱散恐惧和黑暗的魔影;所有的一切都展开希望的翅膀,向前习翔,并大声宣告:“上帝在这里!”于是生命和欢乐从每一个蜷伏的洞穴里信心十足地欣然跃出;一切花朵,蓓蕾和鸟雀都感到了生命和欢乐而抖动起来;上帝的凝视汇合成温柔的恩泽。 也许,那永恒的晨光就会这样降临人间,那时不再有险崖沟壑,不再有峰峦山谷,也不再有浩瀚无际的海洋;万物都将踊跃升腾,在造物主慈爱的光芒中生辉,因为太阳已经升起。