1.precedent adj. 在前的,在先的 n. 先例,前例
Remember:Rome wasn’t built in a day. Reflect on your recovery rate each day. Every day before you go to bed,look at your progress. Don’t lie in bed saying to you,“I did that wrong.” “I should have done better there.” No.look at your day and note when you made an effort to place a full stop after an incident. This is a success. You are taking control of your life. Remember this is a step by step process. This is not a make-over. You are undertaking real change here. Your aim:reduce the time spent in recovery. The way forward? Live in the present. Not in the precedent.
记住,罗马不是一日建成的。每天都反思自己的恢复速率;每天上床睡觉前,都看看自己的进步;不要躺在床上对自己说:“我那个做错了。”“我应该做到更好。”不要那样做;回想自己的一天,并注意努力给某个事件画上句号的时刻。这就是一个成功,你在控制自己的生活。记住这是一个循序渐进的过程。这不是简单的修修补补。你正在进行的是真正的改变,你的目标是减少用在恢复上的时间。 将来该怎么做呢? 生活在现在,而不是从前。