3.paddle n. 桨,划桨,明轮翼 v. 划桨,戏水,抚弄
She lay at the side of the pool and paddled in the water with her fingers.
4.bottomland n.<美>(河边)低洼地,滩地(洪水受淹地)
The crops flourished in the rich bottomland.
5.buoy n. 浮标,浮筒,救生圈 v. 使...浮,支撑
We felt buoyed up by the good news.
6.halcyon n. 想像中的一种鸟,形同翠鸟,翠鸟 adj. 宁静的,平稳的
Those were the halcyon days of Athens (fifth century BC) when she produced her finest poetry and drama, architecture and sculpture.
But there is a vast meadow of life in the middle,where the bad and the good flip-flop acrobatically. This is what convinces me to believe in the 50-percent theory. One spring I planted corn too early in a bottomland so flood-prone that neighbors laughed. I felt chagrined at the wasted effort. Summer turned brutal---the worst heat wave and drought in my lifetime. The air-conditioned died;the well went dry;the marriage ended;the job lost;the money gone. I was living lyrics from a country tune---music I loathed. Only a surging Kansas City Royals team buoyed my spirits. Looking back on that horrible summer,I soon understood that all succeeding good things merely offset the bad. Worse than normal wouldn’t last long. I am owed and savor the halcyon times.
但在生活最好与最坏部分之间有一片巨大的中间地带,其间各种好事坏事像耍杂技一样上下翻滚,轮番出现。这就是让我信服对半理论的原因。 有一年春天,我在一块洼地上过早地种上了玉米。那块地极易遭到水淹,所以邻居们都嘲笑我。我为浪费了精力而感到懊恼。没想到夏天更为残酷-我经历了最糟糕的热浪和干旱。空调坏了,进干了,婚姻破裂了,工作丢了,钱也没有。我正经历着某首乡村歌曲中描绘的情节,我讨厌这种音乐,只有刚出道不久的堪萨斯皇家棒球队能鼓舞我的精神。 回首那个糟糕的夏天,我很快就明白了,所有后来出现的好事只不过与坏事相互抵消。比一般情况糟糕的境遇不会延宕过久;而太平时光是我应得的,我要尽情享受.