1.reinvigorate vt.使再活跃, 使恢复生气, 使重新振作, 使恢复精神

We shall adopt various forms to set free and reinvigorate the state-owned medium and small-sized enterprises, standardize the operations and pay attention to the actual effect.

2.blistering adj.使起疱的,恶毒的; 激烈的

The runners set off at a blistering pace.

3.pollination n. 授粉

Fertilization resulting from pollination among flowers of the same plant.

4.kernel n. 核心,中心,精髓

The edible kernel of a nut.
They reinvigorate me for the next nasty surprise and offer assurance that can thrive. The 50-percent theory even helps me see hope beyond my Royals’ recent slump,a field of struggling rookies sown so that some year soon we can reap an October harvest. For that one blistering summer,the ground moisture was just right,planting early allowed pollination before heat withered the tops,and the lack of rain spared the standing corn from floods. That winter my crib overflowed with corn---fat,healthy three-to-a-stalk ears filled with kernels from heel to tip---while my neighbors’ fields yielded only brown,empty husks. Although plantings past may have fallen below the 50-percent expectation,and they probably will again in the future,I am still sustained by the crop that flourishes during the drought.
它们为我注入活力以应对下一个险情,并确保我可以兴旺发达。对半理论甚至帮助我在堪萨斯皇家棒球队最近的低潮中看到希望-这是一快艰难行进的新手们耕耘的土地,只要播种了,假以时日我们就可以收获十月的金秋。 那个夏天天气酷热,地而湿度适宜,提早播种就可以在热浪打蔫植尖之前完成授粉,同于干旱更没有爆发洪水,产在田里的玉米得以保存。因此那个冬天我的粮仓堆满了玉米-丰满,健康,一颗三穗且从头到脚都是饱满的玉米粒的玉米穗-而我的邻居们收获的只是晒黑的空壳。 尽管过去的播种可能没有达到50%的收获期望,而且将来也可能是这样,但我仍然能靠着在旱季繁茂生长的庄稼而生存下去。