1. escapist n. 逍遥者

2. imprison vt.监禁,下狱
There is no world for escapists. If the wolves attack you,we will come to your aid all probability. So the rabbits continued to live near the wolves. One day them was a terrible flood which drowned a great many wolves. This was blamed on the rabbits,for it is well known that carrot-nibblers with long ear cause floods. The wolves descended on the rabbits,for their own good,and imprisoned them in a dark cave,for their own protection. When nothing was heard about the rabbits for some weeks,the other animals demands to know what had happened to them. The wolves replied that the rabbits had been eaten and since they had been eaten the affair was a purely internal matter. But the other animals warned that they might possibly unite against the wolves unless some reason was given for the destruction of the rabbits. So the wolves gave them one. "They were trying to escape,"sad the wolves,"and,as you know,there is no world for escapists."
这个世界决没有逃避主义者的容身之地。如果狼攻击你们,我们多半会来相助。"于是兔子继续在狼群附近生活。 有一天,发生了一场可怕的洪水,许多狼被淹死。责任怪罪到兔子头上,因为众所周知,长耳朵并小口小口吃胡萝卜的动物会引起洪水。为了兔子着想,狼对它们下手了,把它们关在黑洞里进行保护。 由于连续几星期没有听到兔子的消息,其它动物要求知道它们的行踪。狼回答说兔子已经被吃了;既然已经吃到肚里,此事就纯属内政。但其它动物警告说,除非有消灭兔子的正当理由,不然它们可能团结起来,一致对狼。于是,狼给了它们一条理由。"它们企图逃走",狼说。"你们也知道,这个世界决没有逃避主义者的容身之地。”