1. engineering n.工程(学),工程师行业

2. frightened adj. 受惊的, 受恐吓的
7 so much to learn It was the last day of final examination in a large Eastern university. On the steps of one building,a group of engineering seniors huddled,discussing the exam due to begin in a few minutes. On their faces was confidence. This was their last exam-then on to commencement and jobs. Some talked of jobs they already had;others of jobs they would get. With all this assurance of four years of college,they felt ready and able to conquer the world. The approaching exam,they knew,would be a snap. The professor had said they could bring any books or notes they wanted. Requesting only that they did not talk to each other during the test. Jubilantly they field into the classroom. The professor passed out the papers. And smiles broadened as the students noted there were only five essay-type questions. Three hours passed. Then the professor began to collect the papers. The students no longer looked confident. On their faces was a frightened expression. No one spoke as,papers in hand,the professor faced the class.
这是一所东部大学期末考试的最后一天,在一座大楼的台阶上,一群工程学的大四学生正聚集在一起,讨论着几分钟后就要开始的考试。他们脸上带着自信。这是最后一场考试了——接着就要举行毕业典礼和开始工作了。 有些学生谈论着他们已经找好的工作,其他人谈论他们正找的工作,凭着对四年大学生活的把握,他们觉得已经做好了准备,能够征服世界了。 他们知道,马上就要进行的考试,只是小菜一碟。教授说了,他们可以带任何想带的书或纸条进来,只要求他们在考试过程中不能互相讲话。 他们欢快地进了考场,教授把考卷发给他们。当同学们看到只有5个问答题时,他们简直要裂开嘴笑了。 三个小时过去了。教授开始收卷子。学生们看起来不再自信了,他们脸上带着害怕的表情。当收齐试卷,教授面向全班同学时,没有一个人说话。