1. observer n.观察者,观察员

2. robe [rəub] n.长袍;睡袍

3. doll [dɔl] n.玩偶,玩具娃娃

4. drudge n. 做苦工的人
Take a Loving Look How we see our partners often depends more on how we are than how they are. Husbands and wives are not audience,but participant observers in each other's lives. "Before we were married,my husband was a caring,energetic man,"a wife once told me." He couldn't seem to keep his hands off me. Since we've been married,he's become a couch potato and watches ball games more than he watches me. He's gone from stud to spud." "Very funny,"answered the husband. "But have you looked at yourself lately? When we got married,you were beautiful. Now you wear that old robe. If I've gone from stud to spud,then you've gone from doll to drudge."
爱的眼神 我们怎样看自己的伴侣常常取决于我们自己怎么样,而不是对方怎么样。丈夫也好,妻子也好,都不是观众,而是深入到对方生活的观察者。 一个妻子曾对我说:“结婚前,我丈夫是一个关心体贴、精力充沛的人,他的手好像没法从我身上移开。结婚后,他变成了一个懒蛋,看球赛比看我还多。他从猛男变成了‘懒蛋’。” “真逗,”她丈夫回答道,“不过最近你有没有瞧瞧你自己是啥模样?我们结婚前,你很漂亮。现在你穿的是破旧的睡袍。如果说我从猛男变成了懒蛋,那你就是从美女变成苦工。”