1. hypnotic a.催眠的

2. hatred n.憎恶,憎恨

3. spleen n. 脾, 脾气, 怒气
Welcome to the hypnotic garden. The latest scientific investigations of the mind have been able to prove the ancient wisdom. The fact of the intimate connection between the mind and body. The body produces what the mind dictates. Whatever is held in the mind,the physical body will produce. The diseases of the body can and mostly are caused by ill feelings,or bitterness towards another person. All of the emotions:intense passion,hatred and longstanding jealousy,affect the body negatively. And corroding anxiety and bad temper actual induce physical diseases. The heart,liver,kidneys,spleen,stomach,and body cells are destroyed. Worry causes untold life-threatening diseases such as heart troubles,nerves breakdowns,and blood-pressure problems.
欢迎来到催眠的花园。 有最近对人类心灵的科学调查已经可以证明古代的智慧。那就是我们心灵和身体之间有着密不可分的关系。 身体会听从心灵的命令去生产和制造,不管心灵想的是什么,身体都会随着产生变化。大多数身体上的疾病情都和负面的情绪有关,例如老想着自己生病了,对人有所怨恨。被强烈的感情所淹没,憎恨或长期的嫉妒,都对我们的身体有着负面的影响。而焦虑和坏脾气更是会侵蚀我们的健康。破坏身体的细胞,产生和心脏,肝脏,肾脏,脾脏及胃相关的疾病。而忧虑更是造成许多与生命威胁的疾病,像心脏方面的毛病,神经衰弱及血压方面的问题等。