1. self-healing 自我修复

2. euphoric adj. 欣快的
If the bad thoughts are destroyed,bodily diseases and problems will vanish. This is the hypnosis technique which can help self-healing. It is a relaxation technique that you can utilize just to simply relax. I just want to give you some idea of how it feels,to experience the wonderful euphoric feeling of hypnosis relaxation. If you have any discomfort in any area of your body,or diseased, I want you to send a loving thought to that area. Visualize,put pictures in your mind of your body becoming healthy and well again. That area of your body you can see in your mind's eye becoming healthy and well again. Healthy as it should be. Nature made our bodies to stay healthy
假如我们能将不好的想法消灭,那么大多数身体上的疾病都会随着消失。以下是一段催眠的技巧可以被用来帮助自我医治。它同时也是一段让身心放松的练习,你可以只是用来让自己好好放松休息一下。我只想要让你去体验一下催眠所带来的那种美妙愉悦的感觉。假如你身体有任何不舒服的地方,或有什么疾病。我现在要你传送爱的能量到那部分。 运用想象力,在你的心灵呈现一张自己的照片,照片中的你再次变得健康,令你满意。而那有病痛的部位也在你的想象中变得完好和健康。你的身体将恢复到它本来应有的健康状态。大自然的设计使我们的身体能保持在健康的状态。