Water Water is the "life food" of our earth. It is in every living thing. It is in the air. It runs through mountains and valleys. It forms lakes and seas. Nature has a great water system. Rainwater finds its way to rivers and lakes. River water runs into the sea. At the mouths of the rivers, fresh water joins the salt water of the sea. Here at the mouth of a river, there is very important plant and animal life. But pollution destroys this life. We have to clean our rivers. Man has to work with nature, not against it.
水 水是地球的生命之源。它存在于一切生物中,存在于空气中。它穿过山脉,流过山谷,汇成河流海洋。 自然界有庞大的水系统。雨水流入江湖,然后河水流入海洋。在江河的出海口,淡水与海水交汇,这里还生长着很重要的植物和动物。但是污染使它们死亡。我们必须清洁河流。 人类一定要顺应自然,不要违背自然。