Your beliefs are very powerful and have the power to create or to destroy your life. In most cases, whatever you believe, is what you will become. If you believe that you are loser, that you never get a break in life, that you can’t accomplish anything, these things will be your reality. Believe that you are unlimited, that you can do anything you commit to doing, and when you do, your accomplishments will know no bounds. You control your beliefs, and that is how you ultimately control of your life. This is a very important point. So how do you develop beliefs that will empower you? Many of our beliefs come from our environment, the world we live in on a daily basis. If your environment is limiting your beliefs, then work very hard on changing it. If you are constantly around people who are negative and limiting, find other people to hang out with. Get around positive, successful people. Beliefs also come from past experiences. That is why it is so important to experience success on a regular basis. Set small, achievable goals, and then try your best to reach them. “I will finish this project by early afternoon.” “I will make six calls on the phone in the next hour.” “I will exercise for 20 minutes tonight.” When you start to experience success, then you start to believe in success, and that leads to more and bigger successes. Beliefs come from knowledge. The more you learn, the more things you will know to be possible. Always take advantage of opportunities to learn something new. It will bring new possibilities into your beliefs and your life. Most importantly, you can develop new beliefs by setting and visualizing goals for your life. Define your goals clearly and with precision. Then, in your mind, see yourself achieving them in all of their sensory details. Mentally live the experience, see the sights, hear the sounds, smell the aroma, feel the feelings. Your nurtured beliefs will lead you to their reality.
信念的力量是非常强大的,它可以创造,也可以毁掉你的生活,在大多数情况下,你相信你会是怎样的,最终就会变成什么样子。如果你认为自己是个失败者,那你的一生就永远不会有突破,也不会取得任何成就,你所认为的就都会变成现实。相信你的能力是无限的,你就可以做到你想做的一切,而一旦你去做,你将不断取得成就。 你控制自己的信念,也就是说你最终控制自己的生活,这点非常重要。因此,你会怎样引导自己的信念给自己注入力量? 我们的许多信念都来源于我们所处的环境,来源于我们每天生活着的世界。如果你的环境制约着你的信念,你就要努力来改变它。如果你身边的人都是些消极低落、缩手缩脚之徒,那你就应该找些积极、成功的人为伴。 信念还来源于过去的经历,这就是为什么人常理上说有些成功经历显得很重要。定一些小的、可实现的目标,然后努力达到这些目标。“我今天下午要早些时候完成这个项目”“我一个小时后要打6个电话”“今晚我要锻炼20分钟”。当你开始经历成功,你就会开始相信它,然后你就会取得更多、更大的成功。 信念来源于知识。读得越多,你就越会知道很多事情都是可能的。要经常抓住机会学一些新的东西。它将给你的信念和生活带来新的可能性。最重要的是,你可以通过确定和设想人生目标来确立新的信念。清晰准确的确定你的目标。然后在你的脑海里设想一一取胜。心存记忆,看其香味、感同身受,你勃发的信念会让一切都变成现实。