Abundance is a Life Style 富足的生活方式
Abundance is a life style, a way of living your life. It isn’t something you buy now and then or pull down from the cupboard, dust off and use once or twice, and then return to the cupboard. Abundance is a philosophy; it appears in your physiology, your value system, and carries its own set of beliefs. You walk with it, sleep with it, bath with it, feel with it, and need to maintain and take care of it as well. Abundance doesn’t always require money. Many people live with all that money can buy yet live empty inside. Abundance begins inside with some main self-ingredients, like love, care, kindness and gentleness, thoughtfulness and compassion. Abundance is a state of being. It radiates outward. It shines like the sun among the many moons in the world. Being from the brightness of abundance doesn’t allow the darkness to appear or be in the path unless a choice to allow it to. The true state of abundance doesn’t have room for lies or games normally played. The space is too full of abundance. This may be a challenge because we still need to shine for other to see. Abundance is seeing people for their gifts and not what they lack or could be. Seeing all things for their gifts and not what they lack. Start by knowing what your abundances are, fill that space with you, and be fully present from that state of being. Your profession of choice is telling you of knowing and possibilities. That is their gift. Consultants and customer service professionals have the ministrative assistants and virtual assistants have an abundance of coordination and time management. Abundance is all around you, and all within. See what it is; love yourself for what it is, not what you’re missing, or what that can be better, but for what it is at this present moment. Be in a state of abundance of what you already have. I guarantee they are there; it always is buried but there. Breathe them in as if they are the air you breathe because they are yours. Let go of anything that isn’t abundant for the time being. Name the shoe boxes in your closet with your gifts of abundance; pull from them every morning if needed. Know they are there. Learning to trust in your own abundance is required. When you begin to be within your own space of abundance, whatever you need will appear whenever you need it. That’s just the way the higher powers set this universe up to work. Trust the universal energy. The knowing of it all will humble you to its power yet let the brightness of you shine everywhere it needs to. Just by being from a state of abundance, it is being you.
富足是一种生活方式。它不是你偶尔买来,从架子上拿下来,抹去灰尘用上一两次然后又放回到架子上的东西。 富足是一种哲学,它体现于你的生理机能和价值观之中,并带有自己的一套信仰。无论走路,睡觉,洗澡你都会感受到它,你还要维护并照顾它。 富足并不一定需要金钱。许多人拥有金钱所能买到的一切,但却内心空虚。富足源自内心,其中包含一些重要的自我成分,比如爱,关心,善良和温柔,体贴与同情。富足是一种存在状态,它向处发散,像处于众多星球之间的太阳那样发光发亮。 来自富足的光亮不允许黑暗的出现或存在,除非选择允许它存在。真正的富足不给谎言或通常玩的游戏留有空间,因为富足已经把空间填得太满了。这可能是一个挑战,因为我们仍然需要为了让别人看见而发光。 富足是看到人们的天赋,而不是他的缺陷。所有的事物都要看其天赋而不是缺陷。 从知道自己的富足是什么时开始,填写满空间,全身心投入生活。你的选择已经告诉你。例如:教练能够了解队员并激发其潜力,那是他们的天赋;顾问和客服专业人士通常能够提供很多成功且很具实用性的案例;行政助理和虚拟助理熟识直辖市配合和时间管理的技巧。富足充盈于你的四周以及你的内心。明白富足的内容,爱本色的自己,不要为自己缺少的或是能变得更好的方面爱自己,而是为此时此刻的富足而爱自己。 要处于你已经拥有的事物的富足状态。我保证它们就在那儿,深藏不露却从未远离。将其看成空气,吸入体内,因为它们是你的。放开暂并不富足的东西。把你富足的所有天赋写在橱柜里的鞋盒子上,如果需要就每天早晨拉开橱柜,知道你的天赋都在那儿。 你需要学会信任自己的富足。当你开始处在自己富足的空间之内时,你需要的东西都会在你需要的时刻出现。这就是更高的力量设置这个宇宙动转的方式。要相信宇宙的能量。知道这一点会让你在其力量面前保持谦卑,但也会让你的光亮闪耀在所有需要的地方。只要处于富足的状态,就是做你自己。