This is my family's story from a poor, broken background that I've been meaning to share for a long while.

Life can be really difficult for many of us and I feel like I have something to offer to those of you that feel low, unmotivated, or stuck in a difficult situation.

Ever since I was 11 years old, I wished I was dead.

It began immediately after my father who, one day, beat me ruthlessly for asking him why he was drunk.

He punched me, threw my tiny body across the room to the wall, and told me I was stupid for asking such questions, and that he regrets having such a dumb kid.

He slammed the door to my room as he left and I remember picking myself up and stumbling to bed so that I could cry as quietly as possible.

Usually, my mother tries to stop him, but she was shopping for food at this particular time for our dinner.

She, as well as my brother and sister, were all victims of my fathers abuse.

When he was angry at us, she would often divert his attention to herself to free us of harm, which didn't always work.

Why didn't she leave? Because she was stuck, like most mothers in abusive relationships are.

We were poor, and she was a housewife, with no job, and only wanted the best for her children.

She was my anchor.

Right now, its 2018. I'm a doctor. I've been grinding to bring my family's life up to a normal standard.

We have enough money to eat, go on holidays, buy each other gifts, and truly appreciate each other.

So, if you're someone who suffers from depression, or someone who feels lost, hopeless, or any of the things my family and I may have felt above, know that there is a way to happier days.

It is not meant to be easy. Our weakness is often the perception we have of ourselves and what we assume others perceive about us.

Depression is a malignant disease of that perception. See the suffering through the eyes of those around you and tap into your true potential.

Prove your demons and your enemies wrong and you'll know true freedom.