Is getting a promotion always a good thing?

It may not be that simple as you think.

Sometimes if it comes when you are not ready, it can be quite a trouble.

But first, if you just got a promotion, Congratulations!

After over-delivering on project after project, and exceed ing all your goals that you set with your manager when you started your job, your employer is finally rewarding you with a change in title and an increase in the compensation. 

You’re exhilarated, but you’re also a little confused. What do you do now?

First off, start with figuring out what you will no longer take on. 

Assuming that your promotion comes with more responsibilities, you will probably need to learn how to master your new tasks, and you won’t be able to do that efficiently if you have to do that on top of your old job. 

This requires trusting other people, which can be difficult if you have controlling tendencies. 

The higher you move up, the more you have to depend on others. So start to learn to let go of your micro-managing tendencies, and trust that you’re not the only one who knows how to do everything.