How many wallets do you have?

Technically speaking, everyone of us has 3 wallets.

And they are the consumer’s wallet, the speculator’s wallet and the investor’s wallet.

The consumer’s wallet is the wallet from which you spend to pay for all your desires, be it food, clothes or flowers.

You can’t eliminate this wallet, because you need it to cover your basic expenditure. But generally speaking you have ways to restrain it.

The speculator’s wallet is the wallet from which you spend to play with your luck.

It’s the most unstable wallet and can be eliminated.

And the investor’s wallet is the wallet from which you spend to purchase the future. It’s the wallet which few people have realized and the most difficult one to master.

The word investing here does not only mean putting your money into the financial market to earn the interest. It also means to buy yourself your freedom in the future and the chances to develop in the future.

This wallet is what make the affluent class affluent.

Among these 3 wallets, if the one you use the most is the consumer’s wallet, then of course the more money you spend the less money you have.

And this is just too easy to happen, for this is the wallet that has direct connection with our desires.

You cannot cut this wallet completely out of your life. But you can try to make the money you spend from wallet worthy.

Only buy the cheapest or the best. Anything else is a trap.

And for the money that you saved from this wallet, go use them all in the investor’s wallet.

Buy yourself a better education. Use them to learn some new skills. Find an investment channel that you feel confident about and put them there.

Anyway, use this money to buy yourself a better future.

And if there is a day when you find that the revenue you get from your investor’s wallet can cover the expenditure of your consumer’s wallet, then you’ve already acquired a really rare treasure. And it’s called financial freedom.