This world is not fair.

Some people are born in wealthy families. They never need to worry about things like food as they grow up.

Some people are born in poor families. They need to learn how to survive when they were still kids.

Some people are born in stable countries. They don't really know what it means to feel scared.

Some people are born among wars and chaos. They need to do everything they can just to stay alive.

But people who are born in wealthy families can grow into useless ones and fall out of their previous social status.

People who are born in poor families can find a way that suits themselves to work hard and change their lives completely.

People who are born in stable countries can choose wrong paths and become timing bombs for their societies.

Yet there are lights of humanity even in the most chaotic country in the world.

20 years ago, Zuckerberg was still a teenager whom no one knew. Even when he founded Facebook, there were not many people who saw a promising futre in him.
20年前,扎克伯格只是一个默默无闻的穷小子,即使是他创立 Facebook 的时候,也没有多少人看重他。

But now he has become one of the most important figures around the world.

Your way of thinking decides your fate.

It would be the greatest regret in your whole life if you let opportunities slip away through your fingers.