From January to May, I led an extremely inactive lifestyle, binging on video games and basically ignoring all aspects of my well being.

I was for all intensive purposes addicted to the game I was playing. This addiction nearly ruined me mood wise, I was miserable to be around when I was even able to force myself to go to class or go out and socialize.

I wanted to stop, and one day I did, just like that. Told myself I would focus on building and improving myself. I began to take pride in hygiene, exercising, and building hobbies (mainly playing the piano) It's been almost exactly a month since that day and I'd just like to share where I've gotten since then.

I've been as active as I can, landing a job that promotes activity, hiking whenever possible, and going on runs around parks. I can honestly say it's the happiest I've been in a while, if not ever, and to think that it's only been a month makes me even happier. Who knows what the next few years will bring.

My confidence has skyrocketed from almost nothing to the most confident I've ever been as well.

I'm hoping that this post will convince someone who is in the same boat that I was in that moving out of unhealthy habits is easier than you think. The body and mind is extremely resilient and wants to be active, so get out there and live life!