It's toothless.
I stood in this room three months ago and gave you all very clear direction.
Social security, medicare, medicaid, every entitlement program that is sucking us dry.
I want it all on the table.
And this doesn't go nearly far enough.
So we obviously have to get back to some basics.
Remind ourselves of some of the facts that are before us...
- Sir, if I may...
- No, no, no, no.
I will speak first, and then you will speak, Paul.
This is what the average senior citizen gets, one year from entitlements, whether they were a janitor or they ran a hedge fund.
That... This money is a job we could be giving to a single mother or a student just out of school.
Now, at the moment, 44 cents of every tax dollar goes to pay for these programs.
By 2030, it'll be over half, 62 cents.
Entitlements are bankrupting us.
Now, I had Remy conduct a little poll.
Statement posed was:
"Doing what's best for my country means doing some things that I don't like."
Seventy-four percent agreed with this statement.
Seventy-four percent.
Now, what does that tell us? We have…