I have a Rewards Card for Showcase Cinema that allows me to earn rewards points with each purchase that I make at the theatre and periodically provides me with a free popcorn, soda or movie ticket coupon.

I had recently accumulated enough rewards points to obtain a coupon for a free popcorn.

Standing in the movie theatre ticket line on Saturday, I noticed just ahead of me, a father with his 2 small boys also waiting to buy their tickets for the Matinee Movie.

Knowing that movies can be quite expensive for families nowadays, I tapped the Dad on the shoulder and asked, ‘I have a coupon for free popcorn and don’t plan to use it, would you like it for one of your boys?’

He said, ‘Yeah, sure. That’s great! Thanks!’ and took the coupon.

A few minutes later, after they had purchased their tickets, one of his small sons who appeared to be about 9 or 10 years old, walked up to me and silently held out a shiny penny to show me.

I took it and said, ‘Wow that’s cool! It’s really shiny!’

He quietly replied, ‘It’s a 2011’. As I handed it back to him.

He pushed the penny towards me once again and quietly said, ‘You can keep it’.

Showing my gratitude, I replied, ‘Wow that’s awesome, thank you very much” and asked, ‘Where did you get it!’ and he said quite softly, ‘I found it in my Dad’s car’.

I said, ‘Oh that’s cool, thanks!

He smiled, quietly turned and walked back to his Dad who returned my smile with a knowing smile of his own.

It’s the small special moments like that that can make an ordinary day, special.