For today’s readers, 20th-century recipes involving Jell-O molds—where fruit, vegetables, or even seafood is suspended in a mass of gelatin—can be creepy enough.

But AI researcher Janelle Shane, known for her AI Weirdness blog, announced on Twitter Friday that she trained a bot to develop new recipes in that style, creating what she says may be “the worst recipe-generating algorithm in existence.”
AI研究员Janelle Shane的AI怪诞博客很知名,周五她在推特上说训练了一个机器人开发这种风格的新食谱,创造出了她认为是“史上最糟糕的食谱生成算法”。

The recipes look like harmless vintage weirdness until you look closer. Then, you’ll notice that one calls for twice removing “internal rinds” from crab meat and another flavors lemon Jell-O with a mix of cheese, peppermint, and pickle relish.

The bot also designed an innovative blended cocktail involving Splenda, Kentucky Bourbon, and a block of chocolate, which might be served to accompany these meals.

Yet another recipe involves “bunny’s food,” along with walnuts and pimiento, and has the appetizing name “Potty Training for a Bunny.” That’s not to be confused with a previous name dreamed up by Shane’s AI systems, the Madland Cookie, which wasn’t for a food product at all but for a racehorse.