10 Effortless Tricks to Eating Healthy While on Vacation


1. Eat breakfast

Don't skip breakfast, as it's one of the easiest meals to make healthy. Even a banana and a plain Greek yogurt is better than becoming ravenous before lunch.


2. Schedule meal times

To avoid excess grazing, make a specific plan—including time and place—for your meals. Many resorts make food easily accessible. Take breaks from the beach or pool to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and a snack.


3. Stick to the "One Plate" rule

To avoid overeating at buffets, follow this rule of thumb. Make just one plate for that meal, and stick to it. Go to the salad bar first and fill half the plate with fruit and veggies—these will be the most filling and nutritious part of your plate. Stick to a palm-size worth of protein, and the remaining quarter of the plate can have a starch of choice such as bread, potatoes, or whole grains.


4. Go to the market

Stock up at a local grocery store or market on some items to keep available for quick breakfasts and lunch. If you're lucky to have a room with a fridge, even more opportunity to keep items on hand.


5. Prepare your own meals

Some hotels have grills for guest use, or perhaps you're staying in a room with a kitchenette. This is a great way to experience fresh local seafood, vegetables, or meats. Again, the more control you can have over your meals the less extra calories you will consume.


6. Indulge on purpose

You're going on vacation to enjoy yourself, so there are going to be times when you want to eat indulgent foods and treats. Consciously make the decision to indulge in something of choice—your favorite thing, rather than everything.


7. Keep a water bottle with you

Keep a refillable water bottle handy that you can carry with you. This can help satisfy cravings if food is readily available and tempting you. Dehydration can mask as hunger, so beware. And if you're planning to enjoy some cocktails by the beach or pool, make sure you hydrate in between.


8. Fill up on veggies

Eat as many vegetables as possible to help you stay full. The fiber and water volume will help fill you and keep you from diving into the bread basket.


9. Plan in advance

Know where you are going and what is nearby, so you can choose a place to eat that's most suited to your needs.


10. Share meals

When you want to try something unhealthy, split it with someone else. Share meals to truly experience all the local cuisine. You'll still get to enjoy being on vacation, but you won't feel obligated to finish everything on your plate.