It feels like only yesterday we were speculating about who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was going to kill, but it's already time for The Walking Dead's midseason finale.

This Sunday's episode will be the last before the show takes a couple months off, and there are few things that need to happen to make it a satisfying conclusion to the season's first half.

1. Someone has to die
No character viewers know well has died since the premiere (that we know of... Heath, you OK?), which is an eternity in Walking Dead time. The midseason finale is a time to shake things up with a major death.
1. 要有角色领盒饭

2. Daryl's going to escape
Daryl (Norman Reedus) has been in the Saviors' clutches since the season premiere. In the midseason finale, he's going to make a run for it.
2. Daryl逃跑


3. Rick's going to step up
Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has been a total sad sack so far this season, carrying water for Negan and telling everyone "this is how it is now." That's going to be revealed as an act, like it was in the comics, and Rick's going to tell someone about his secret plan to take down Negan. 
3. Rick振作起来