抱歉,YY的不算数哈。五年啦,别提它啦。多少次干柴烈火眉来眼去,粉丝们盼星星盼月亮 终于盼得上一季大结局里头俩人好事成双。等一下,结果居然还只不过是由于Booth同学一时脑残引发的神游太虚境?!好吧至少他现在总算明白自己爱她爱到 骨头里,好吧这会儿他又扭扭捏捏不肯表白了,这究竟是为什么呢?因为所以,科学道理,真没天理!

Brennan & Booth——Bones (Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz) Sorry, but hallucination sex DOES NOT COUNT. After five seasons of blazing hot will-they-or-won't-they tension, fans finally got to see Booth and Bones together in last season's finale. Alas, it turned out to be one big mind-trip caused by Booth's brain tumor. Now he realizes he loves her, but he's holding back because…um…no reason, really.





House & Cuddy——House (Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein) Again with imaginary sex? Seriously, did the writers on these two Fox dramas compare notes? In the season 5 finale — after months of hype about a ''Huddy'' hookup — House learns that what he thought was a sexy romp with his longtime nemesis/bestie was actually just a drug-fueled hallucination.


《超市特工》里的 Chuck & Sarah

Chuck从全美最有爱的超级书呆一下变成超级间谍,可是都两季多了,咱能和Sarah再靠近点儿么?虽说人家性感又火辣,还是吃中情局这 口饭的,但人家可是对你有感觉哎....看着这一对磨叽来磨叽去,最后只能玩玩小暧昧把真情藏在心底还真是让某兔窝火。但当季初美女莎拉(不是佩琳)说那 句:“Chuck,间谍不能动感情”时还是心动一下,这难道又是新的一轮“我不问你也不说”的游戏么?

Chuck & Sarah——Chuck (Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski) America's favorite super-geek turned super-spy spent two-plus seasons mooning after Sarah, his hottie handler from the C.I.A. Now she realizes she has feelings for him, too. But they still won't get together — or even talk about their barely concealed affection for one another? Why? As sexy Sarah (take that, Palin!) said in the two-part season premiere, ''You're a spy now, Chuck; you have to keep your emotions to yourself.'' Is this some new ''Don't ask, don't tell'' policy?

04.Ted & ''The Mother''

 《老爸老妈浪漫史》里的Ted&“The Mother”

传说中的Ted老爸和不知道现在有没有生出来的未来“老妈”,这大概是最没谱的一对了。有本事编剧你就让新娘进教堂时也蒙着面纱!(被吊了五季的某兔怨念中...) 好好的爱情剧变成了老爹的床前故事(Ted唱:“漂亮的让我面红的可爱女人 温柔的让我心疼的可爱女人 ....”),好不容易卡死(cast)阵容出现个新人,结果不过是路人甲..........某兔唱:“别等到一千年以后,世界早已没有我,然后这个剧还没完...”

Ted & ''The Mother''——How I Met Your Mother Josh Radnor and ?? As a framing device, having Ted describe to his children how he, well, met their mother, is cute and effective. But now, after 5 seasons, this is turning into the longest bedtime story of all time. It seemed like we were finally making some progress when Rachel Bilson showed up as a guest star, but nope, turns out she's merely the roommate of his future wife. This is one mystery that's ready to be resolved.

05.Olivia & Peter

《危机边缘》里的Olivia & Peter


Olivia & Peter——Fringe (Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson) Nothing is as it seems in this cult series, which explores alternate realities and multiple dimensions. But how about a good old-fashioned love story between the charismatic leads — although only if it's done very carefully.

06.Sookie & Eric

《真爱如血》里的 Sookie & Eric


Sookie & Eric——True Blood (Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard) This may be sacrilege to all those on Team Bill, but Sookie and Eric simply have too much sexual tension for this to drag on much longer. (Although this whole werewolf thing has us intrigued, too.)

07.Tony DiNozzo & Ziva David



Tony DiNozzo & Ziva David——NCIS (Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo) They've been sparring — literally and figuratively — since 2005, and the chemistry is undeniable. But we've never seen more than asmooch. That's fine by Weatherly, who told last year that a romantic relationship between the two would be like ''Kryptonite.''


08.Beckett & Castle

《灵书妙探》中的 Beckett & Castle

单身的帅哥美女在一起需要理由么?不需要么?需要么?某兔绕晕 后继续——一起破了那么多案子,且郎情妾意,眉来眼去,这默契不是一天两天的好吧,所以咱就相应广大观众号召水到渠成,顺水推舟,抽刀断水水更流,不对这 个错了。赶紧凑到一块能有多难?难道要等到被砍又留个终身遗憾?

Beckett & Castle——Castle (Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion) They're both single and sexy — and spend way too many hours at the police station. Why not get together? Other than fear of the Moonlighting curse, of course.

09.Daniel & Betty

《丑女贝蒂》里的Daniel & Betty


Daniel & Betty——Ugly Betty (Eric Mabius and America Ferrara) ''Detty'' fans have been screaming for a Daniel/Betty hookup since the show launched in 2006, and producers have been toying with the idea — especially lately. But it's enraging those who think the characters should remain ''just friends.'' As one commenter said: ''This idea is about as appealing as a brother and sister making out.''





10. Simon Cowell & Ryan Seacrest


那个……就当咱是在逗你玩儿。不过话说七年的情分,《美国偶像》里的这俩动不动就你好我好大家好相互吹捧,吵个小嘴儿,闹个小别扭啥的,也忒同志般的情谊了点儿吧。趁 Simon同学今年春季档最后一次当评委,要不就来个“我和你吻别”行不?

Simon Cowell & Ryan Seacrest——American Idol We're kidding. Sorta. But after enduring seven years of their cringe-worthy gay themed banter, here's hoping they share at least a goodbye peck when Simon wraps his final show this spring.