According to a report from The Playlist, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott will both join House of Cards season 5. The two will feature prominently in the series, though any details about their characters are (of course) being kept under wraps.
根据The Playlist报道,奥斯卡提名演员Patricia Clarkson(六尺之下、移动迷宫)和Campbell Scott(欲海医心)将加盟《纸牌屋》第五季。两人在剧中的戏份都很重哦,但是目前两人所饰演角色细节仍然保密。

It won’t be long before we find out who Clarkson and Scott will play. After so much time getting away with their depraved plots, is it finally time for someone to put the kibosh on the Underwoods, or will these new characters be yet another casualty in the Underwoods’ games?
过不了多久我们就会知道Clarkson 和Scott饰演哪个角色。在无数次逃脱腐朽的地方之后,这将是最后一次让某人的林间计划泡汤吗?还是说这两个新角色将会在这次林间活动中呢?

House of Cardsreturns to Netflix for season 5 in early 2017.