“Arrow’s” Stephen Amell and “Supernatural’s” Jared Padalecki are best friends who hang out shirtless together on weekends.
《绿箭侠》的Stephen Amell和《邪恶力量》的Jared Padalecki是好基友,上周末他们就一起过了一个裸上身周末。

Amell took to Facebook Sunday (Aug. 2) posting a serious dose of sexy with a picture of the two CW stars shirtless and flexing with glee.

“My buddy Jared Padalecki wants you to Always Keep Fighting. http://represent.com/jared,” Amell writes. While it is a lot of fun just to think about the two hot actors paling around without shirts.
“我好兄弟Jared Padelecki想提醒你们要一直保持锻炼哦,”Amell在Facebook上写到。光看看这两位肌肉男星脱掉上衣在一起玩就能猜到他们一定玩得很开心。