Arrow has just cast a juggernaut of an actor to play DC Comics villain Brick in the show’s third season.

Vinnie Jones has been chosen to play Danny “Brick” Brickwell, on episodes 10, 11, and 12 of Arrow‘s current season, EW has confirmed. In the show, Brickwell is a gang leader who aims to bring Starling City’s government down. The nickname “Brick” comes from his penchant for being shot—over a dozen times—but never killed.
Vinnie Jones成功拿到Danny “Brick” Brickwell,这个角色将会在本季第十、十一和十二集出现。在剧中Brickwell是一个想击垮斯塔林城政府组织的领导人。这个角色被枪打中过很多次却没有死,因此得名“Brick”。

Brickwell’s arrival was teased in the show’s first season, as his name appeared on Oliver’s original list of Starling City targets.