Andrea Anders is returning to ABC. The actress is headed to "Modern Family" in a recurring role in the Emmy winning comedy's sixth season, Entertainment Weekly reports.
女演员Andrea Anders重回ABC电视台怀抱。《娱乐周刊》报道,这位女演员将会参演ABC电视台艾美奖五连冠美剧《摩登家庭》的第六季。

Anders will reportedly play Kim, the wife of the horrible family that moves in next door to the Dunphys. As was previously reported, Steve Zahn will be playing the nightmare patriarch of the new family, Ronnie.
Anders将会在剧中扮演一个名叫Kim的角色,是Dunphys家里的妻子。而之前报道说,Steve Zahn将会扮演这个新家庭里的老公Ronnie。

The actress has previously worked on several ABC comedies, including "Better Off Ted" and "Mr. Sunshine."
这位女演员之前参演过ABC电视台的多部喜剧,如《Better Off Ted》和《阳光先生》。

"Modern Family" returns on Sept.24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.