Will "Arrow" Season 3 grant "The Vampire Diaries" star Steven R. McQueen his wish to play Nightwing on the CW action series? The caption on a recent Instagram photo featuring McQueen and "Arrow" star Stephen Amell indicates it might just happen.
《绿箭侠》第三季会不会如《吸血鬼日记》男演员Steven R. McQueen所愿让他出演超级英雄夜翼呢?最近McQueen和《绿箭侠》男星Stephen Amell在Instagram上发了一张合照,让大家觉得这种可能性还是很大的。

The Instagram photo appeared on Wednesday, apparently in support of hockey's L.A. Kings for the NHL finals.

One might think this is just two CW, hockey fans hanging out if it were not for the accompanying caption: "@amelladventures @lakings #arrow #nightwing #gokings"
有人可能会觉得这可能是两个冰球粉丝一起看球而拍摄的,不过照片下的文字却写着:“@amelladventures @lakings #绿箭##夜翼##国王队加油#”

McQueen has been publicly lobbying to play the character of Nightwing -- a DC Comics character who is a later incarnation of Batman's sidekick.